sztuka elektroniczna

Århus Festuge
One of the biggest arts and cultural festivals in Northern Europe, it represents a platform for all possible art forms and includes around 600 different … Organisation | 10 lip 2007
Hordaland Internasjonale Fylkesgalleri
A publicly funded gallery situated in the heart of Bergen in Norway that presents art beyond the Euro-centric western context, encouraging cultural diversity … Organisation | 12 lip 2007
A production centre for sound technology - in music, research and education. Serves the art community in various ways: by making studios, labs and technical … Organisation | 12 lip 2007
Produksjonsnettverk for elektronisk kuns
A network that provides appropriate production conditions for artists working with electronic art and unstable media. Works with intercultural dialogue, … Organisation | 12 lip 2007
Tou Scene
A multi-functional arts space located in a former brewery in Stavanger, Norway. Supports artistic creation and facilitates the work of emerging artists. … Organisation | 12 lip 2007
A contemporary art centre which enjoys significant autonomy and international visibility, …
Organisation | 13 lip 2007
Promotes concerts and runs a small record label for both known and unknown artists, showcasing original music. Tries to reflect different genres, focusing on … Organisation | 16 lip 2007
Galleria Huuto
An independent artist collective located in Helsinki, providing a forum for new and experimental art. Organises performances, multi-disciplinary and cross-over … Organisation | 16 lip 2007