rejestracja dźwięku

Promotes an international annual festival for electronic music and digital culture in Bucharest, dedicated to the interdisciplinary character of music, visual … Organisation | 03 maj 2007
TMBase Association for Urban Music
Promoter of events and projects focused on urban electronic sound. Connected to the international scene, it also publishes electronic music compilations, … Organisation | 03 maj 2007
Simultan Association
Promotes the activity of young contemporary artists by presenting ongoing experimental audio-visual art, identifying their status in the current context and … Organisation | 03 maj 2007
An artist-run platform presenting and promoting Romanian and international audio-visual and multimedia productions since 2004. Organises an international … Organisation | 03 maj 2007
Сдружение Европейски пространства 21
A non-governmental organisation of media professionals and people interested in culture …
Organisation | 03 maj 2007
Fundación Autor
A foundation which assists authors through education and training as well as other …
Organisation | 04 lip 2007