Burning Ice #1

(Sty 2009)

Autor: Gunilla Redelius - Data: 12 lis 2010, 10:46

Climate change forces us to face the consequences of our actions and challenges our world-view of endless growth and progress. Sombre predictions are no longer dismissed as apocalyptic millennial madness. Our ‘longing for the wilderness’ is put to the test by melting ice caps, acidified primeval forests, felled rain forests and endangered animal species. Our civilisation seems to be founded on waste, excess and fundamental inequality. We find it hard to restrict our boundless need for mobility. What view of mankind should we take as the basis for the change of behaviour that is essential to our survival? What scenarios for the future are left to us?

Under the heading Burning Ice #1, the Brussels-based Kaaitheater gathered together artists, scientists and cultural critics for a whole week. They discussed the role art might play in all this, and also showed their work. The aim is to make a contribution to the development of innovative ideas – ideas that will gradually gain ground and perhaps give rise to new practices in research, education, economics and political decision-making. Burning Ice #1 was intended to be a forum for these ideas.

The programme included debates, an installation circuit, video work, talks and more.

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