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Online Tools Facilitating Research

The m-learning environment
We experience today a major shift in the way we interact with each other, share, exchange …
Lidia Varbanova | 26 lis 2010
Backup and storage online your research work
Online storage and online transfer is becoming more and more important: especially when …
Lidia Varbanova | 21 paź 2010
Web search for policy research: selection of online tools
Research in any area is based on gathering, processing, analysing, and interpreting a …
Lidia Varbanova | 13 wrz 2010
When you are not in your office: converting files, sending faxes and more
Try one of these online tools in case you are out of your office and you need to confert …
Lidia Varbanova | 15 sie 2010
Improve your productivity by keeping track on "to-do" lists: How online tools can help?
Many of us face problem in organising our schedules and things to do. We use online …
Lidia Varbanova | 26 lip 2010

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