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Online Tools Facilitating Research

Intercultural City Index
The Intercultural City Index is based on a questionnaire involving 66 questions grouped in 14 indicators with three distinct types of data. Indicators have … Lidia Varbanova | 21 sie 2011
Sustainable Enterprise Blog Project
  The Sustainable Enteprise Blog Project (SEBP) seeks to create an online blog community to widely disseminate the ideas of a core collective of bloggers, … Lidia Varbanova | 21 sie 2011
ENCATC blogs
The European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers ENCATC want to stimulate new thinking and practice in training in cultural management and … Lidia Varbanova | 20 sie 2011
Tips for writing research paper
If you have problem starting a research paper and orientating through the loads of …
Lidia Varbanova | 16 maj 2011
Panorama: A Resource Collection for Interculural Dialogue
Panorama is a resource offered by the Platform for Intercultural Europe, which was initiated in 2006 (as the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue) … Lidia Varbanova | 04 kwi 2011
Online writing guides and tools
Structuring well our research work, using a proper and understandable language and …
Lidia Varbanova | 21 mar 2011
Online Research Methods: Collection of Resources
Online research methods cover all ways by which a researcher could collect data by using Internet, for example: online interviews, online surveys, online focus … Lidia Varbanova | 20 lut 2011
UNESCO Online Policy Research Tool
This UNESCO project aims to support good governance standards and evidence-based policymaking, using the best of current technology for knowledge management. … Lidia Varbanova | 08 lut 2011

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