Research Project: Hellenic Observatory, European Institute, London School of Economics & Political Science

Invited are researchers with a recognised interest in contemporary Greece to submit an application for funding in order to carry out a project on one of the following themes:

1. Migration. Questions of interest include but are not limited to: (a) Economic and social consequences of migration (including on aspects of schooling, housing, the labour market, and others); (b) Public perceptions of migration and civil society; migrant integration and social/spatial segregation of migrant communities; (c) Migration and migrant integration policies in Greece and in comparative contexts; migration, crime and inner city deprivation; policy coordination on migration / border control at the EU level; geographical (sub-national) dimensions of migration.;

2. The social consequences of the current economic crisis. Questions of interest include but are not limited to: (a) Social disorganisation / apathy; (b) Crime, urban and domestic violence; (c) Political disengagement and de-legitimisation; (d) Civil society responses to the crisis (including alternative currency and other resource-pooling schemes, reorganisation / decentralisation of interest representation, e.g. neighbourhood committees, etc.); (e) Effects on and responses from existing civil society and political organisations; (f) Effects on poverty (including child poverty), deprivation and income / wealth inequality; homelessness, loitering and busking; (g) Rural migration; spatial segregation and social exclusion; and others.

The Call is open to all researchers with a university affiliation, who hold a doctorate (PhD degree) and have at least two years of post-doctoral research experience. Applications from groups of researchers are also eligible, but in this case all member of the research team should meet the eligibility criteria. Applications from researchers who have had an affiliation with the Hellenic Observatory at any time over the past two years as well as from researchers with a current LSE affiliation are not eligible.

Deadline: December 1, 2012; The subject line of the email should read "HO Call 2011"

For further information, visit: jects_external.aspx




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