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Sferracavalli | Festival Internazionale di Immaginazione Sostenibile

Sferracavalli | International Festival of Sustainable Imagination

Autor: Francesca Cavallo - Data: 21 cze 2011, 12:55

A theatre festival in Lizzano, a small city in Puglia in Southern Italy. The first festival takes place in August 2011 and is dedicated to Romanian contemporary theatre.

The aim is to make the festival an annual event and to dedicate each festival to one of the countries most represented by immigrant workers in Puglia (Albania, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal). It will serve as an observatory of the contemporary culture of different immigrant communities.

The festival brings together young independent theatre, dance and new circus companies to create a crossroads between diverse immigrant cultures and the local communities in Puglia. Visiting artists are hosted by local families and the festival represents an opportunity to create engaging relationships between artists, local community, visitors and theatre operators.

The festival was the winner of “Young Ideas for a Better Puglia” (Principi Attivi) in 2010 and is supported by the Region of Puglia.

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