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Rosalyn is a research associate at Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, a leading creative economy and cultural planning consultancy based in London, offering policy and industry leadership across the creative, cultural and knowledge economy. Rosalyn specialises in cultural planning, maximising the role of culture in society and creativity for the economy, as well as creative and cultural education. She has led a number of projects both in the UK and abroad, including projects in Greece, Portugal and Lebanon.

Rosalyn studied at the University of the Arts, London where she obtained a Masters degree in Enterprise and Management for the Creative Arts. Previously she has trained and worked as an illustrator in the UK, worked in advertising in Athens, Greece and completed an internship at the British Council’s creative economy unit in London. During her undergraduate studies Rosalyn also spent six months in Roskilde University’s communications department, Denmark.

Countries in Europe
Thematic scope:
Arts Management & Entrepreneurship, Cultural Economics , Cultural Funding, Cultural Networking , Cultural Policy & Administration , Cultural Theory & Research , Education & Training


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