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Have you seen it?
Check out the latest LabforCulture newsletter. Find out what we've been working on and check out the newest content on the site. Subscribing is easy. Simply click here and you will be sure to receive the next newsletter in your inbox. LabforCulture | 27 nov 2006
a Cultural Component as an integral part of the EU's Foreign Policy?
We are pleased to announce that, as part of the research programme of LabforCulture, a study revealing facts and comments on Europe's foreign cultural polices from the national governments is now available to download online at … LabforCulture | 17 nov 2006
New Region in focus: Spain & Portugal
The latest edition of Region in focus presents an overview of the cultural situation in Spain and Portugal. Two local experts, Javier Brun (Spain) and Filipa Colaço (Portugal), conducted a mapping of independent cultural organisations their … LabforCulture | 06 nov 2006
LabforCulture has a new director
We are pleased to introduce the new Director of LabforCulture, Katherine Watson. She has taken over from Bettina Knaup as of October 1, 2006.The team and all of LabforCulture's partners very much look forward to working with her in this next phase … LabforCulture | 18 ott 2006
Spanish version online is pleased to announce that the Spanish version of the site is now online. With this latest language edition, we have now launched all of the planned language versions of the site. is now accessible in English, … LabforCulture | 17 ott 2006