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Reports of Amsterdam Culture Mondo Roundtable 2010
Culturemondo's 6th international roundtable took place in September 2010 in Amsterdam and was held in conjuction with PICNIC, LabforCulture and Virtueel Platform. Blogger and Culturemondo member Michelle Kasprzak produced a report of the … LabforCulture | 17 feb 2011
Young Researchers Forum: Your opinion and ideas count!
We would like to invite you to participate in a short and focused online survey on users’ satisfaction about the content, usability and actuality of the Young Cultural …
LabforCulture | 20 gen 2011
ECF Routes public programme: Šejla Kamerić and Kutluğ Ataman in focus
Europe consists of a dynamic group of countries and neighbours, sometimes in a state of flux, and regions and cities that are mutually linked and unique. Within this world, the …
LabforCulture | 24 gen 2011
Belarus' electoral nightmare
Pavol Demes traveled to Belarus as an independent election observer for the 19 Dec 2010 elections. This is what he saw (courtesy of the German Marshall Fund): LabforCulture | 20 gen 2011
Metropolis: a 21st century window on the world
New video journalists/ tv producers to join the Metropolis network. Metropolis is an innovative TV show and website that shows remarkable and unexpected stories from around the …
LabforCulture | 13 gen 2011