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Everyone is Creative. Artists as Pioneers of the New Economy?

Autore: Lidia Varbanova - Data: 23 mag 2006, 10:58

In her theoretical paper, McRobbie makes critical comments about the UK Creative Industries Mapping Document 2001and similar documents advocating "entrepreneurialisation of arts and culture". She outlines the consequences of a “talent-led economy" and the rolling back of state support for the arts and culture which is becoming a model for how economic growth is to be pursued, despite the emergence of new inequities. The article discusses patterns of individualisation, freelance work, and the self employment status of artists. Prospects for 'post-individualist' practices in the arts and culture are presented.

Autore/i: Angela McRobbie
Editore: Department for Media and Communication, Goldsmith College, London
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003

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