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PHOTHEREL - 'justified' photo digitisation

(Ott 2004 - Ott 2005)

Autore: Dea Vidovic - Data: 16 ott 2009, 14:02

A project whose aim is to develop a methodology for a 'justified' digitisation of photographic heritage. The key assumption is that such digitisation is more than simply a technical process. Digitisation can only be called 'justified' if the technical process is accompanied by a proposed cultural framing of the material.

PHOTHEREL's main target groups are: museum professionals, archivists, students in museum and cultural studies, and visual literacy teachers. The project is European-funded through the Minerva programme, 2004-2005.


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Belgio, Francia , Romania
Tipo di progetto:
Documentazione, Formazione
Categorie artistiche & culturali:
Arti visive & plastiche, fotografia
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digitization, justified, photo

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