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Istituzioni & enti nazionali

Tavarystva Bielaruskaj Movy im. Franciška Skaryny
The TBM is a unique body, with active branches in all regional centres, whose main activity is the promotion of the Belarusian language, national culture, … Organisation | 31 mag 2006
Institut pour le Financement du Cinéma et des Industries Culturelles
IFCIC is an intermediary agency (49% state financed, remainder French banks) established to ease and secure bank loans for the sector through underwriting 50% … Organisation | 31 mag 2006
Creative Advantage Fund
A £5 million community venture capital fund (created by Advantage West Midlands, Arts Council England and European Regional Development Fund) for supporting … Organisation | 03 giu 2006
Cultural City Network
A network devoted to strengthening cultural relationships between European cities, with a special emphasis on multilateral partnerships. Geographically, CCN … Organisation | 21 set 2006
Centrul de Consultanþã pentru Programe Culturale Europene
The Centre helps create favourable conditions for the 'exchange of values' between Romania and the European cultural space; supports the setting up of … Organisation | 08 ott 2006
Casa Asia
The Barcelona-based House of Asia promotes cultural activities and projects which improve …
Organisation | 01 nov 2006
Instytut Adama Mickiewicza
The institute's mission is to promote Polish culture throughout the world and to engage in programmes of cultural cooperation with other countries. The … Organisation | 28 nov 2006
Narodowe Centrum Kultury
A Polish centre which initiates and coordinates strategic programmes for culture, promotes culture as an important factor of social and economic development … Organisation | 08 feb 2007
An online magazine promoting dialogue between the Islamic world and the West. Includes articles, culture dossiers, book reviews and a dialogue section, where … Organisation | 03 apr 2007
National Centre for Dance Bucharest
A public institution established by the independent dance scene in Bucharest. Currently the main platform promoting contemporary dance in Romania, it offers … Organisation | 03 mag 2007