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An independent group of more than 800 artists who are mainly dedicated to contemporary …
Organisation | 15 mar 2011
Legal and Practical Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property
This handbook briefly draws attention to some basic legal and practical measures and tools to help combat illicit trafficking in cultural property. Publication | 16 mar 2011
The Power of Self
Artists Wanted and See.Me present The Power of Self An International Open Call for the …
Project | 18 mar 2011
Call for Artists
ARTPORT_making waves, an international art project which raises awareness of current …
Anne-Marie Melster | 22 mar 2011
Culture and Sustainable Communities
Volume 3 No 1-2 (2011) of Culture and Local Governance online journal is devoted to Culture and Local Governance. Guest editors: Nancy Duxbury, Centre for … Publication | 25 mar 2011
Roxana C N Meechan
As an Electronic, Visual & Performance artist I seek inspiration from my personal …
Person Profile | 31 mar 2011
Euro-Afro-American Cultural Management Network
The network serves as a meeting point for cultural managers coming from Latin America, Africa and Europe. It was initiated by the Spanish Federation of … Organisation | 04 apr 2011
CULTURAL POLICY UPDATE # 1 by Boekmanstichting
Boekman Foundation - Amsterdam has launched the first Cultural Policy Update (CPU) - an …
Publication | 07 apr 2011