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We are more – act for culture in Europe!

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Autore: Gunilla Redelius - Data: 16 Feb 2012, 10:25

Who is not familiar with the magic “seven years”? Break a mirror and you will have seven years of bad luck. Let’s turn it the other way around: Join the We are more campaign, and you can influence seven years of EU budget for culture in 2014-2020.

Culture is like a mirror of ourselves, our minds, the place we live in. A mirror of who we are or who we want to be, as individuals or as society. The European Commission beleives that culture, heritage and the arts will play an important role to build a strong, democratic Europe. And what can you do? We need 100.000 signatures before 10 May, to help the European Commission in its efforts to increase the support for culture in the next EU budget.

Join this campaign, invite your friends to join, let the word spread. You find the manifesto and campaign materials in a great number of languages. You can also follow the country targets  – how is your country doing?

To those of you who already signed  and who continue to support the campaign – thank you!

If you didn’t join the campaign yet, this is the moment – don’t break the mirror, sign!




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