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Artists respond to climate change – do you?

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Autore: LabforCulture - Data: 12 Set 2011, 20:59

Last year we investigated how artists respond to climate change. Here is a closer look at a few more projects and networks that we have added to our mapping. They all have in common that you can participate yourself, online of offline.

Make a Forest is a global collaborative art and design project that sets to create a link between nature and culture. The project invites cultural organisations all over the world to work together with artists and designers to grow a virtual forest, tree by tree. Can one artificial tree make a difference locally, and many artificial trees globally?

Make a Forest was launched in March 2011 and is endorsed by the United Nations 2011 International Year of the Forest. Forests are not only the home and the livelihood to millions and billions of people on this globe, they also represent aestethic, spiritual and cultural values, intangible but priceless. Trees represent life itself, and are also a source of inspiration for many artists.

The project has also initiatied the Tree One Minutes: Make a portrait of your favourite tree in a one minute video - the first deadline is 1 October 2011 (final deadline is 1 December 2011). The videos will form a collective video art work, with the first preview at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (22-30 October 2011).

La Isla Hundida (The Drowned Island) offers a creative way to engage artists to work with school children, to illustrate the immediate threat of rising sea levels in the Maldives. The project was launched in December 2010 during the UN Climate Change Conference COP16 in Cancun, Mexico.

The idea is simple: you make an island from a newspaper page and then watch it sink in water. The project can be multiplied on local level, anyone who wants to do this – schools, educational institutions, artists, parents – will find inspiration on the website. is a global network that connects grassroots organisations and individuals from across the world, and mobilises people online to do offline activities. The movement involves not only artists, musicians, photographers and writers, but also athletes, businesses, faith communities and youth. Coming up is the Moving Planet day on 24 September 2011, with events to encourage individuals, communities and governments to move beyond fossil fuels - by foot, bike, skate... Look for an event nearby you, or get ideas for a local event you can still organise with short notice. 24 September is the day!

If you missed our research, read more under Climate change: artists respond.




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