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Kárpátok Alapítvány
CF is a cross-border regional foundation. It provides grants and technical assistance to NGOs and local governments, focusing primarily on inter-regional, … Organisation | 07 giu 2006
Transnational Cultural Co-operation in the Accession Countries
The purpose of this study was to describe and analyse current government cultural cooperation policies and trends in the 13 accession countries to the European … Publication | 11 set 2006
Why We Need European Cultural Policies
The author consulted some institutionally affiliated cultural experts for this examination of the impact of EU enlargement on cultural policy in the new member … Publication | 15 set 2006
Romania in Europa Culturii 2000
This publication presents an analysis of the participation of Romanian cultural operators in the EU Culture 2000 Programme and provides 4 project based case … Publication | 02 ott 2006
Centrul de Consultanþã pentru Programe Culturale Europene
The Centre helps create favourable conditions for the 'exchange of values' between Romania and the European cultural space; supports the setting up of … Organisation | 08 ott 2006
Observatorul Regional PACT, laborator de cooperare culturală în Sud-Estul Europei
A portal which supports cultural cooperation by providing information and assisting communication and networking between cultural operators in South East … Organisation | 27 ott 2006
European Off Network
Documents the founding of the European Off Network at a 2005 conference, organised by IG Freie Theaterarbeit in Austria. Contains background on independent … Publication | 11 dic 2006