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Designing the Future Programme of Cultural Co-operation for the European Union after 2006
The European Commission consultation was launched in 2003 with the goal of helping to improve the Union's support mechanisms for cultural cooperation with … Publication | 27 set 2006
A professional union of European piano producers that safeguards member interests and raises craft standards and education within Europe. Members receive the … Organisation | 19 apr 2007
Kulturhuset Mazetti
A unique cultural centre located in an old chocolate factory in the centre of Malmö in Sweden. The centre houses both public administrators and cultural … Organisation | 12 lug 2007
A well-established venue for contemporary art, sound, music and dance situated in the small village of Brösarp, in the very southeast of Sweden. The focus is … Organisation | 12 lug 2007
A non-commercial, artist-run gallery and project space in Umeå, Sweden, showing visual arts, music performances, workshops, films, talks and seminars. Also … Organisation | 12 lug 2007
Riksutställningar - Swedish Travelling Exhibitions
Tours exhibitions in Sweden and abroad in cooperation with local, regional and national organisations, including libraries, museums, galleries, schools and … Organisation | 12 lug 2007
Rikteatern - National Touring Theatre
Through cultural exchange, co-productions and cultural dialogue, the touring theatre aims to create platforms and links between the local and the international … Organisation | 12 lug 2007