studi europei

Contribution à la Convention européenne: "La place de la culture dans le futur traité"
Contribution of Pascale Andréani to the Secretary General of the European Constitution arguing for culture and cultural cooperation to be at the heart of the … Publication | 08 set 2006
Las relaciones culturales internacionales: el marco institucional en España
The document provides a description of the current framework of international cultural cooperation in Spain, focusing particularly on public bodies on the … Publication | 12 set 2006
East - "West" Cultural Encounters
The publication presents the results of research done by a team of Bulgarian scholars in the framework of the joint international comparative project … Publication | 12 set 2006
The Unity of Diversities: Cultural Cooperation in the European Union
Otherwise known as the “Ruffolo Report”, this European Parliament report provided the basis for its Resolution on Cultural Co-operation in the European Union … Publication | 20 set 2006
Creative Europe. On the Governance and Management of Artistic Creativity in Europe
Creative Europe presents the main results of a three year empirical and conceptual investigation into the challenges and practical problems of creative artists … Publication | 27 set 2006
Third Sector Actors Monitoring Cultural Co-operation and Cultural Policy Development in Europe
This ERICarts briefing note presents and discusses examples of third sector actors monitoring cultural co-operation and cultural policy developments in Europe. … Publication | 27 set 2006
La culture au coeur - Contribution au débat sur la culture et le développement en Europe
"In From the Margins" is the European contribution to the UNESCO World Commission on Culture and Development and its report "Our Creative … Publication | 27 set 2006
Cultural Cooperation within the Wider Europe and Across the Mediterranean: Issues at Stake and Proposals for Action
This report analyses the outcomes of the European Cultural Foundation's seminar series within its "Enlargement of Minds" programme. It addresses the … Publication | 29 set 2006
European Funding of Culture - Promoting Common Culture or Regional Growth?
The article published in Cultural Trends, Issue No. 36, examines the record of EU support for culture, pointing to the dichotomy between Structural Funds and … Publication | 02 ott 2006
Report on the Barents Cultural Co-operation
This report examines the results of cultural cooperation among the 4 countries and 11 regions making up the Barent Sea region since the early 90s. It shows how … Publication | 02 ott 2006