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LabforCulture is an online information and knowledge platform dedicated to European cultural cooperation, complemented by a range of offline services and programmed activities.

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Pratique artistique, Gestion des arts et entrepreneuriat


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Call for tender: Pilot project "Economy of cultural diversity"
The European Commission wants to launch a pilot project to test innovative approaches to …
LabforCulture | 13 juil 2012
At what age do we become creators and storytellers?
We would say: very early in life, if we only get the chance to. The European Comission is …
LabforCulture | 26 juin 2012


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Free/Libre Culture Forum | 28-31 October 2010 in Barcelona
The Free/Libre Culture Forum will be held again in Barcelona this year. The topic of …
LabforCulture | 27 oct 2010
Comité van Roosendaal - Live streaming of Institutional Attitudes
On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 April the Comité van Roosendaal presents the …
LabforCulture | 23 avr 2010
Transitions OnLine 'New Media for NGOs' course in Prague
Scheduled to be held in Prague from January 24 - 29, 2010, the course is designed to …
LabforCulture | 26 nov 2009
Seminar on social security and taxation in the context of mobility in the live performance sector
Social security and taxation in the context of mobility Application of EU …
LabforCulture | 26 oct 2009