Creative Europe
Creative Europe presents the main results of a three year empirical and conceptual investigation into the challenges and practical problems of creative artists … Publication | 23 mai 2006
A portrait of the artist 2015
The contributions in this anthology plead for more direct interaction between the higher arts education institutions on the one hand, and the professional … Publication | 31 mai 2006
Authors' Rights
Subtitled "Handbook of the European Writers' Congress" (EWC), this is a collection of resolutions, guidelines and articles of relevance for authors … Publication | 31 mai 2006
A Balancing Act: Artists' Labour Markets and the Tax and Benefit System
This book presents findings from a series of focus group sessions with practising artists which explored their experiences of employment - both in artistic … Publication | 31 mai 2006
Schafft Kultur neue Arbeit?
The book is a collection of papers presented during a conference held in Graz (1997). The experts and practitioners discussed perspectives of the cultural … Publication | 06 juin 2006
Transcultural Europe
This book offers an innovative assessment of key cultural policy questions in 21st century Europe, such as the way that cultural policy at city, national and … Publication | 08 août 2006
Stratégia és kultúra. Kultúra és nemzetközi szervezetek
Over the past several hundred years, a significant amount of the cultural contacts established between countries were organised on a "multilateral" … Publication | 11 sept 2006
East - "West" Cultural Encounters
The publication presents the results of research done by a team of Bulgarian scholars in the framework of the joint international comparative project … Publication | 12 sept 2006
Why We Need European Cultural Policies
The author consulted some institutionally affiliated cultural experts for this examination of the impact of EU enlargement on cultural policy in the new member … Publication | 15 sept 2006
Informing Cultural Policy: The Research and Information Infrastructure
This report describes the landscape for cultural research and networking in Europe and Canada. Cultural cooperation is discussed from two points of view: the … Publication | 21 sept 2006