OEen Group
Provides a different kind of venue for art alongside the more commercial galleries and established spaces in Copenhagen. Introduces overlooked artists from … Organisation | 16 juil 2007
An art community that includes a regional art centre and an international …
Organisation | 16 juil 2007
Helsingin kaupungin kulttuuriasiainkeskus
Promotes and pioneers multiculturalism and provides a meeting place for various ethnic groups, offering them opportunities to practice their culture. Supports … Organisation | 16 juil 2007
Lori Dorman
Director of Performing Arts SharjahUAE Person Profile | 14 août 2007
Billedkunstnernes Forbund
An association that provides services to its members, including legal advice and the use of a number of different artists' residencies, both inside and outside … Organisation | 21 août 2007
Københavns Internationale Teater
After staging more than 50 festivals, seminars and other events since 1979, Copenhagen International Theatre is now embarking on a new phase of work. The basic … Organisation | 21 août 2007
Forum Box
A non-profit artist-run cooperative that was initiated in 1996 by the late sculptor and academic Kain Tapper. Its main purpose is to provide an art venue in … Organisation | 21 août 2007