ZENSORS Workshop

Photography: Walkscreen
Photography: Walkscreen


ZENSORS Workshop
Supported by the Japan Foundation through Performing Arts Japan
A Project by Vanini Belarmino
Berlin, Germany
25-26 May and 28-29 May 2008

ZENSORS invites DJs, VJs, choreographers, dancers, classical musicians, singers, rappers, sound designers, programmers, architects, fashion designers, curators, photographers, visual artists, filmmakers and everyone interested in artistic and technological interventions to participate on a two-day intensive workshop scheduled at the premises of RADIALSYSTEM V, Berlin, Germany on 25-26 May and 28-29 May 2008 from 14:00 to 22:00. ZENSORS is an interdisciplinary art project supported by the Japan Foundation through Performing Arts Japan. Conducted by Japanese artists specialising in media performance technology, workshop participants are deemed to experience and play along with a variety of creative senses using media performance technology. The process will focus on controlling LED system using sensors and software programming. Participants will be introduced to methods of linking the LED hardware and software systems along with their bodies, sound and visual images in performance creation.


  • To enable workshop participants from different fields of artistic practice to experiment with media performance technology under the guidance of highly experienced Japanese artists;
  • To explore varied ways of using sensors with LED lights, dance and video programme and sound installation together with a mix of creative artists;
  • To find ways of balancing the use of media technology in performance and other artistic disciplines;


Participation is limited to 20 people. Fee is 100 Euro. Deadline for registration is on 3Z0 April 2008.

Workshop Leaders:

- Daito Manabe, DJ and Sound Designer
- Fuyuki Yamakawa, Media Performance Artist
- Naoto Iina of Dance and Media Japan, Director/Media Creator
- Takayuki Fujimoto of Dumb Type, LED Lighting Designer


Holzmarktstr 33- 10243 Berlin, Spreeufer am Ostbahnhof


Submit a completed application form along with your personal statement and CV

Personal Statement addressing the following questions:

- How do you think balance can be achieved between performance and media technology?

- What do you hope to get out of participating in this workshop?

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