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Laura Seifert | 23 Fév 2012, 14:02

Literature in Flux is a literary journey that creates a movement of stories from the Balkan region and Turkey and initiates a dialogue among authors of this region. The project facilitates an exchange about what connects and what separates the literature from a region where different cultures and identities intermingle.

In 2011 the journey started on a historical steam paddle boat along the Danube from Bulgaria to Austria. This year the flow of literature will continue along the Mediterranean coast. From 1 to 10 March 2012 we organize readings and discussions in Split, Tirana and Izmir.

During these events we will focus on cultures of remembrance and construction of history in our own and in the societies of our neighbours and, thus, further develop those topics we touched during the literary journey along the Danube.

With the project Literature in Flux – via Mare we also want to look at the future of Europe. Are the common European project and its democratic values in danger in a time of economic crisis and nationalist movements? In the framework of Literature in Flux we will offer a platform for discussion on these topics and present new translations of literary works from the region.


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fiction, roman, poésie, contes, traduction
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Albania, Croatia, Europe, Literature, network, Turkey



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