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Silent Sozial Corruption - Armando Lulaj

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Autor: adela demetja - Fecha: 19 ene 2010, 22:10

Armando Lulaj

“Silent Sozial Corruption”

21.01.2010 - 21.03.2010

Opening: 21.01.2010 at 7:00 p.m

Curated by Adela Demetja

Lothringer13 Städtische Kunsthalle München

Armando Lulaj was born in 1980 in Albania, lives and works since many years now in Italy and is one of the most interesting artists of his generation.

“Politics has never been my direct interest, if I can stress it like that. I just try to elude in a poetical way about politics. What brings the work into a political level, are than the analyses”- says Lulaj when talking with him during the preparation of the exhibition.

“Silent Sozial Corruption” is the first solo show of the artist in Germany.  Lulaj’s works cover a wide range of topics and issues and we can find him reflecting with his actions in different situations and places. When talking about what we call political issues, the artist is actually going deeper and taking in consideration the role, shapes and the mechanisms of power as responsible for different phenomena. Taking power as a key point, he than develops his reflection on topics like leadership, world’s economy, economical and political dependency, the ongoing process of globalization, totalitarian and democratic process.   Known for causing such turbulences, by undertaking many of his actions he has faced many problems in most of the cases with different state and other related authorities. On the other hand, this is what he is exactly lacking for: reaction, response and feedback. By making such a good use of the artists’ freedom, Lulaj defines new borders limits and standards, he searches and fights for new personal performative space.  “Silent Sozial Corruption” is an exhibition about the reflection and examination of world situation today. It is a clear and courageous loud talking about the problems that we as a society are facing today, may they be Taboo issues for many of us. Lulaj wants to provoke and it is here not the case to provoke authorities. He wants to provoke us, the normal people, we are all somehow guilty. Guilty because with our passive and indifferent way of living we are playing without even noticing it, the main role in this corrupted society.  

For the exhibition Lulaj produced two new works, one of the works witn the title “WORK SETS YOU FREE” was a site specific project which was produced during his two months of residency in Villa Walbert in München.

A special exhibition space in Lothringer 13 Kunsthalle, will be offered from the artist as a presentation space to be used by artist living in Munich. They have to contact the artist through our website and he will decide for the artist showing their works.

A catalogue will be produced in occasion of the exhibition, with texts from Pier Luigi Tazzi, Marco Scotini und Edi Muka.

Armando Lulaj and Adela Demetja are fellows of Villa Walberta in the art residency programme.


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