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Entrevista video con Bas Ruyssenaars, The Beach

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Bas Ruyssenaars has a background in international business development and multimedia publishing. He is one of the founders of The Beach, a network organisation for creative innovation based in Amsterdam.

In these times of financial and cultural crisis, Bas exposes the need for sustainable and socially responsible concepts. He shows that there is a real willingness to think outside the box and beyond an economically-driven logic. He identifies two distinct types of projects: those that are changing the cultural sector from within, and those that are happening outside the cultural sector but involving cultural and creative professionals. He also discusses the use of new technologies by social entrepreneurs - notably Twitter and the Google Wave project.

Sample projects

Visual Screener

According to the World Health Organization, over 150 million people around the world suffer from depression. Current scientifically validated (online) tests to detect mental disorders are inaccessible for large groups of people (e.g. people who cannot read). A coalition of creative professionals initiated a project to develop a series of visual screeners, which are verbalised and visualised questionnaires. The first Visual Screener measures common mental disorders and is now going through the scientific validation process. Its aim is to detect relevant mood, anxiety and alcohol-related problems and to guide people to problem-solving measures or Internet-self-help modules appropriate for their problem.

The Visual Screener concept is an initiative of the Choice Architects (Bert Barends en Bas Ruyssenaars) and design agency Koeweiden Postma/Because and is a co-development with the Trimbos Institute in Utrecht (NL).

Pal West Fashion design project

Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 living in Amsterdam West are challenged to produce their own fashion label. They design their own label in six months under the guidance of young fashion designers and fashion professionals. It gives them a chance to experience the entrepreneurial aspects of the fashion business and also to grow as a person. The Pal West Fashion Studio recently had its first business client: designing and producing uniforms for all employees of the Amsterdam-based hotel Casa 400.

Housing corporation Ymere and Young Designers & Industry took the initiative to start Pal West together with a broad coalition of organisations in the private and public domain. Diana Krabbendam (Director of The Beach, and director of the Pal West Foundation) acted as a cultural change agent and coalition builder in the project.

Strategic future design: Holland Casino 2015

With the project Homo Ludens The Beach designed and facilitated a process of strategic future design for Holland Casino in 2015.
Core question: Do we play enough in society? As a source of inspiration, Holland Casino’s journey towards 2015 wanted to stress the importance of playing in our culture and society. Play as a ‘quality of mind’ and a powerful way to create meaning. Play to test who you are, what you can do, what you want and what place you want to take in this world. Play to connect and create.

Entrevista con Eva Moe, de la Fundación para el Conocimiento (Suecia)

Definiciones y conceptos


  1. Empresariado social
  2. Empresariado social: entre los fallos de mercado y gubernamentales
  3. Características del empresariado social
  4. Iniciativas de empresariado social y sector cultural
  5. Entrevista con Eva Moe, de la Fundación para el Conocimiento (Suecia)
  6. Entrevista video con Bas Ruyssenaars, The Beach (Países Bajos)
  7. Definiciones y conceptos
  8. Principales empresarios sociales
  9. Mapeo de investigación

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