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Centro Português de Fundações
CPF was created by Oriente Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Engenheiro António de Almeida Foundation. CPF is the only National Foundations … Organisation | 27 feb 2007
IDEA Foundation
Promotes discourse on contemporary arts, philosophy and social issues, through the medium of exhibitions, workshops in the field of visual arts and a magazine. … Organisation | 03 may 2007
New Europe College
An independent institute for advanced studies in the humanities and social sciences, promoting inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches, aiming to foster, … Organisation | 03 may 2007
Bertelsmann Stiftung
The Bertelsmann Stiftung encourages social change. It invests its budget only in projects that it conceives and initiates itself sometimes in collaboration … Organisation | 18 may 2007
The Resource Alliance
A UK registered charity whose mission is to build the fundraising capabilities of the non-profit sector worldwide. It grew out of the International Fund … Organisation | 22 may 2007