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ARCHE Pacatak
The ARCHE magazine is a basic resource for those who want to read analytical texts in philosophy, cultural theory, modern history and contemporary literature … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Koning Boudewijnstichting / Fondation Roi Baudouin
The Foundation's mission is to help improve people's living conditions. It focuses mainly on four programmes: 'Social justice', 'Civil Society', 'Governance', … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
OBERLIHT Association of Young Visual Artists of Moldova
The OBERLIHT association seeks to mobilise young visual artists, to support their on-going training and professional development. The association arranges … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Centre for Cultural Policies
The Centre for Cultural Policies was set up in 2002 to work out and promote reform strategies for Moldova's system of culture and to develop collaboration and … Organisation | 08 jun 2006
Hors les Murs
A resources centre for circus and street arts which, in cooperation with other European partners, provides a database on relevant professional issues. It … Organisation | 27 jun 2006
Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık
Founded to enrich the cultural and artistic life of the country by presenting contemporary high-quality artistic events from Turkey and elsewhere. Its … Organisation | 31 jul 2006
Platform Garanti Güncel Sanat Merkezi
A central meeting-point in the city for cultural exchange between contemporary artists, curators and critics. It hosts an artists' archive, research and … Organisation | 02 ago 2006
Payasos sin Fronteras
A humanitarian and artistic organisation which tries to improve the psychological plight …
Organisation | 03 oct 2006