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Researchers and cultural consultants

Tavarystva Filamatau Pramien
The organisation was established in 1996 by individual culture enthusiasts in the Navahrudak region. Very informal, for some years the organisation has … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
NOVA Gallery of Visual Arts
One of the most important and stable of art galleries with an almost 'legendary' status. Located and officially registered in the municipal library in Minsk. … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
The magazine was established and registered after the creation in 2002 of the official publishing holding company that brings together and is the official … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Sajuz Pismiennikau Bielarusi
An active trade union which represents the interests of Belarusian writers, it engages in broad cultural-social activity. It participates in public … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Bielaruski PEN Centar
Belarusian PEN is a member of The World Association of Writers and International PEN Club. Its main programmes are devoted to supporting Belarusian literature … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Bielaruskaja Muzycnaja Aletrnatyva
BMA was established in 1996 as a youth initiative supporting and promoting Belarusian rock groups (i.e. those groups which use the Belarusian language). It … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Bielaruski Histarycny Ahliad
The BHA is an independent historical magazine, issued twice a year since 1996. Its editorial board includes the leading historians from Belarus, from other … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Bielaruski Sajuz Dyzajnierau
One of the most active trade unions. Regularly organises exhibitions, presentations and competitions of a good professional standard. It also publishes (in … Organisation | 07 jun 2006
Bielaruski Kalehijum
The Belarusian Collegium is an unique organisation, established to 'grow' future intellectual elites. It works on university principles, but is not officially … Organisation | 07 jun 2006