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Researchers and cultural consultants

Getty Photo Study Collection
Unique photo library of over 2 million photographic images. Organisation | 27 may 2006
The Taalunie is a governmental consortium of 3 countries: Netherlands, Flanders-Belgium, and Surinam, established to promote Dutch-language education, … Organisation | 27 may 2006
Tavarystva Bielaruskaj Movy im. Franciška Skaryny
The TBM is a unique body, with active branches in all regional centres, whose main activity is the promotion of the Belarusian language, national culture, … Organisation | 31 may 2006
Alternative Bank
Alternative Bank is an ethical bank with an emphasis on social responsibility. Culture in a community context and ecology are of significant interest to ABS, … Organisation | 31 may 2006
Credal Bank
Ethical cooperative established 20 years (reaction against banks' support of South Africa apartheid regime) offering microcredit on one to three year loan - … Organisation | 31 may 2006
Institut pour le Financement du Cinéma et des Industries Culturelles
IFCIC is an intermediary agency (49% state financed, remainder French banks) established to ease and secure bank loans for the sector through underwriting 50% … Organisation | 31 may 2006
Zentrum für Kulturforschung
The Centre for Cultural Research was founded in 1969 as an independent, interdisciplinary research body for cultural policy, arts management and the media. … Organisation | 01 jun 2006