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An international collaboration of organisations and individuals concerned with shaping and delivering a proactive cultural agenda to support the necessary transition towards an ecological age. The cultural sector that the platform refers to is an interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-genre collaboration, which encompasses policy-making, intercultural dialogue/cultural relations, creative cities/cultural planning, creative industries and research & development. It is those decision-makers and practitioners who can reach people in a direct way, through diverse messages and mediums.

Affecting the thinking and behaviour of people and communities is about the dissemination of stories that will profoundly impact cultural values, beliefs and actions. The stories can open people’s eyes to a way of thinking that has not been considered before, challenge a preconceived notion of the past, or a vision of the future that had not been envisioned as possible. As a sector that is viewed as imbued with creativity and cultural values, rather than purely financial motivations, the cultural sector’s stories maintain the trust of people and society.

Outcomes of the gatherings in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 7-9 December 2009, are available on the website, together with a number of audio and video recordings.

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