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Increasing your Chances of Grant Success - VAN Web Briefing
Aimed at grant-seekers, this article intends to expand the options of where to look for …
Publication | 11 mar 2009
International Comparisons of Charitable Giving
An international survey led by the Charities Aid Foundation that compares the levels of charitable giving in different countries. Results show that, besides … Publication | 02 may 2007
Making a living as an artist; a-n Publications
A case study research paper by a-n about the financial sustainability of emerging and …
Publication | 31 dic 2008
Managing Nonprofit Organizations - Mind Tools
This article provides an overview of non-profits as a fast-growing sector and gives an …
Publication | 07 ene 2009
Match Funding - Northwest Network
An information sheet by the Northwest Network that gives a complete explanation of match …
Publication | 25 feb 2009
New Media Arts | New Funding Models
This report investigates the state of funding for new media artists who use new technologies as the main vehicle for their artistic practice. Publication | 29 abr 2009