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Funding Opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean Region - part 3
The third section of this very comprehensive source of information on funding opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region gives details of the financial … Publication | 31 oct 2006
FUNDSNET is a very rich site with a primarily American focus on resource directories, extending to quite local levels. It is organised by easily navigable … Organisation | 09 ago 2007
Grant assessment timeframes
This report analyses the length of time it takes for arts funding agencies to complete a grants giving process, from application closing date (or receipt of … Publication | 29 mar 2010
Guides Eurofunding "Programmation 2007-2013"
A collection of comprehensive guides published and sold by Welcome Europe about new 2007-2013 EU funding for the non-profit sector, but also for the private … Publication | 09 jul 2007
How To Cost and Fund ICT
A workbook that will help you find out how ICT can empower third sector organisations and …
Publication | 03 dic 2008