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Autor: Gunilla Redelius - Fecha: 11 oct 2010, 13:57

For the 11 European arts organisations that make up the 2020 Network, 2020 is a realistic date to work towards for making the changes necessary to stabilise the climate and secure a sustainable future. The formation of the 2020 Network brings these organisations together to encourage and stimulate artists and audiences to engage creatively with the greatest challenge of the 21st century in a project called IMAGINE 2020 – Arts and Climate Change, which is funded by the European Commission Culture Programme.

The 11 organisations are: Artsadmin (London), Bunker (Ljubljana), Domained'O (Montpellier), Domino (Zagreb), Kaaitheater (Brussels), Kampnagel (Hamburg), Lift (London), Le Quai (Angers), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Riga), Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Rotterdam) and Transforma (Torres Vedras).

Working with a pool of more than 20 artists and companies that are actively engaged with environmental issues, they piloted a series of practical actions from 2008 to 2010, harnessing the power of the artist’s imagination to prompt discussion and find solutions.

The 2020 Network pilot programme Thin Ice took place from June 2008 to May 2010 between six European arts organisations. This website includes basic information about the projects that took place in those two years, and explores the motivation for starting the 2020 Network.

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