Research Methodology

Lidia Varbanova | 10 mar 2010, 18:08

In a well elaborated research the chosen methodology is a key. Research methodology is a systematic way of combining and presenting diverse research methods in order to prove/reject a hypothesis, or to solve a problem. The methodology helps us to give the work plan of a research. While research methods are concrete ways, procedures, schemes used throughout the research process, the methodology tells us why this or that method is used in the particular research case, how the research problem is formulated, how the data are collected, what kind of particular technique for gathering and analysing data is used, etc.

As students, researchers and analysts, we often face problems with research methodologies-what methods to use, how to combine them, how to make sure that they are the right one, how to analyse and systematise the vast amount of information.

Let's share here viewpoints and epxeriences on:

• How do we chose and elaborate the methodology for a study?

• What difficulties do we face when elaborating a research methodology?

• Are there any specificities when applying general research methods to cultural policy research?Which methods do you find the most useful?

• Are there any differences in methodologies used for different types of thesises and studies – from research projects to PhD thesises?

Post your opinion or share resources on research methodologies by clicking on "add comment" below!

To refresh our knowledge on research methods, below are several useful online resources:



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