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This blog is all about the the conference "How Soon is Now? The Politics of Interculture" hosted in Stockholm 12-13 November 2008.
Stay tuned!

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How soon is now - Too slow
Here's my final post from the "How soon is now" conference. I should have posted it last over a week ago but things got messy :) Anyway, it's been good to have a week to digest …
Oivvio Polite | 25 nov 2008
Nordic forum presentation.
I thought I had uploaded this already but apperently I hadn't. I lot of people requested it. Oivvio Polite | 13 nov 2008
Chris Torch explains the Rainbow paper
Memory is a strange thing. I just googled Chris Torch and found out that he was one of the founders of a 70-ies progressive theater company named Jordcirkus (which translates as …
Oivvio Polite | 13 nov 2008
Finally we meet. Me vs Loulou Cherinet
caption: Loulou Cherinet on stage and up close. Loulou Cherinet is a black Swedish visual artist that I haven't know for 15 years. Actually we've never met, but she's …
Oivvio Polite | 12 nov 2008
Thomas Prestø of Tabanka crew.
You see that index finger? That's the J'accuse finger. An index finger like that always belongs to someone who is very serious about what they're saying. You can see that, right? …
Oivvio Polite | 12 nov 2008