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Creative Industries and Development
The report addresses different questions including: what are creative industries and why they are expanding?; the characteristics of creative goods and … Publication | 23 may 2006
Creativiteit in kaart gebracht creatieve bedrijvigheid in Nederland
This Conference Report presents definitions and key data on the national and regional development of the creative industries in the Netherlands. Information on … Publication | 24 may 2006
The Artist and Society
The Conclusions from the World Congress on the Status of the Artist held in Paris, June 1997, reiterated some of the basic concerns expressed in the 1980 … Publication | 31 may 2006
Artists Rights in a European Cultural Space
The report provides an account of the ERICarts Workshop held during the 3rd Session of the European Cultural Parliament, December 2004 in Genoa, Italy. Artists … Publication | 31 may 2006
Le Statut de l'artiste dans l'arène international
In her paper to the National Policy Conference of the Canadian Conference of the Arts 2004, Capiau observes different and also some common approaches to … Publication | 06 jun 2006
The International Creative Sector: Its Dimensions, Dynamics and Audience Development
The report includes information on: (1) definitions used to describe the creative sector/cultural industries and their consideration in economic development; … Publication | 23 ago 2006
Challenges and Opportunities in Fundraising through Networking
In her contribution to the Art for Social Change Conference 2001(Budapest), Lidia Varbanova addresses three points: how the arts and culture contribute to … Publication | 08 sep 2006
Bigger… Better… Beautiful? Final Report of the Conference on the Impact of EU Enlargement on Cultural Opportunities Across Europe
This report from the "Big, Better, Beautiful" Conference contains presentations which further develop the links between the theoretical and practical … Publication | 09 sep 2006
Retele tematice europene
The report on the Forum “European Thematic Networks”, Bucharest, 21-22 October 2005 was organised by the Centre for European Cultural Programmes. During the … Publication | 18 sep 2006
The Impact of International Mobility on Arts Education from Art Students Perspective
This report presents the results of a working session on the "impact of international mobility on arts education from a student's perspective" held … Publication | 20 sep 2006