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City Transformation Through Image: Tirana
A series of mural projections in Tirana that aim to build a new relationship with the …
Project | 06 feb 2010
Clubture regionalna inicijativa
The PHASE 1: reLOAD project was a pilot phase of the programme exchange and collaboration project between independent cultural and civil society organisations … Project | 12 feb 2010
Collections Mobility 2.0: Lending for Europe - 21st century
It aims to facilitate the mobility of objects between museums in European member states.
Project | 12 nov 2010
An innovative, creative cultural and professional exchange project that enables a broad …
Project | 20 may 2010
Connection Barents
The Connection Barents project explores and interacts with the community of the Barents …
Project | 22 ene 2010
Continental Breakfast
An international co-curatorial and multidisciplinary project dedicated to investigating …
Project | 06 feb 2010
Cork Caucus
A project to bring artists, educators, writers and thinkers to Cork, Ireland took place over 12 months, culminating in a three-week intensive period in … Project | 13 dic 2009
crash test dummy
An interdisciplinary exploration linking architecture, performing arts, and media and …
Project | 12 feb 2010
Creating Spaces – Art Bridge between the EU and China
A project based on a series of artist exchanges between the city of Beijing and the …
Project | 27 may 2010
Creative Cities Albania
In Shkodra and Pogradec, a group of cultural practitioners, artists, town representatives …
Project | 06 feb 2010