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Author: documenta 12 magazines - Date: 18 Jul 2007, 14:54

The internal meeting started with a usual exercise of self awareness: everybody was presenting his own platform/magazine. The result was a very heterogeneous mix of experiences. I started briefly with Neural and after me Christina McPhee, co-editor and one of the five moderators of the -empyre- mailing list started in 2002 that has a peculiar characteristic: it runs monthly thematic discussions with invited guests open to every subscriber (actually they are 1100, including all the previous guests). Then Simon Worthington reminds some of the wonderful work Mute has done since 1994 online and in print. Regine Debatty was the next, with her extremely popular We Make Money Not Art blog, actually visited by more than 35.000 unique users every day. Her personal narrative of the media art and design world is considered a point of reference among so many subjects and communities online, even if it remains an indepedent effort. Fran Ilich told us about his Sabot, the latest of his publishing efforts in the form of a newspaper printed in Mexico City once in a year in 6000 copies and distributed in the country. After him Patricia Canetti illustrated the brazilian Canal Contemporaneo, an online platform with 6.000 registered users. Nat cited her experience with the Kuda Reader and the Upgrade mailing list and periodical in many cities all over the world. Jaime Iregui was the last but one: his Esfera Publica online magazine in Bogotà that started in 1997 with 3.000 subscribers. Last but really not least was Nebojsa Vilic, that recently started the Concrete Reflection academic magazine. Selecting what to talk about there were some usual topics (distribution, funding, and online development) and Patricia already started to pose the translation topic during the dinner, yesterday. But, luckily enough, attention was catalyzed after my proposal to work on something that would have enhanced the respective value. I was proposing to work on a vertical search engine that would index the content of all our websites (and others that could freely join then), making a terrific public resource for research in contemporary art. A tool like that would would then constitute a common, and it would be a much better alternative to commercial art magazines and Google, really giving back to local efforts the value they already have. Language translations sub-tools, funding and different other issues raises, but the intensive discussion stopped in the afternoon. It'll probably continue durng the dinner I'll prepare with Nat tonight.

Alessandro Ludovico

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