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Funding Opportunities for International Cultural Cooperation in and with South East Europe

The survey explores the availability of supranational and national public and private funding for the development and execution of cultural cooperation projects within/with SEE countries. It provides information on direct support given to organisations in SEE for the development, mobility, production, dissemination, and documentation of cultural projects, as well as support for training, capacity-building, research and policy development in the cultural field. The listing of international organisations and initiatives, governmental institutions, public agencies and foundations is accompanied by useful information for cultural operators in the region. Past and current developments in cultural cooperation in SEE are provided including: the weakening of financial support after a period of strong investment in the region; the growing presence of independent actors on the international scene; the weakening of sustainable public support for cultural cooperation due to unbalanced foreign support directed to the independent sector. The study recommends that cultural operators undertake awareness-raising actions in order to keep funders updated on developments from the field and their corresponding needs. It is an useful instrument to understand cooperation activities between SEE countries with the rest of Europe and other parts of the world. The study also demonstrates the extent to which European cultural cooperation in the region relys on external support.

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Publisher: European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam
Publication year: 2004

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