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Civil Society Platform on Access to Culture: Policy Guidelines

Author: Lidia Varbanova - Date: 23 nov 2009, 19:57

In June 2008, the European Commission set up three platforms with the aim of structuring its dialogue with the cultural sector and civil society regarding the European Agenda for Culture and its objectives.The Platform on Access to Culture has a clear mandate to bring in the voice of civil society to provide recommendations for policies that can foster the access of all to cultural life in its different dimensions.

The present document strives to achieve the following aims: to set a general frame to improve access to culture and have the issue included as a fundamental theme in the next generation of EU programmes (2014-2020). It aims to draw attention to the importance culture plays in the lives of Europeans and the urgency of taking affirmative policy and legal action to make culture accessible for everyone; it also pays special attention to improving conditions for artistic creation and artists.

application/pdfplatform_access_culture_july09.pdf, 1.17 MB

Publisher: European Commission
Publication year: 2009


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