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Author: Sofia Nicolas Melero - Date: 18 Sep 2008, 02:24
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Funds flow like water, circulating from donors to charities, foundations to artists, from the public to the private sector, institutions, art organizations... As a currency, funding recalls the state of being current -or up-to-date.

The purpose of this blog-and particularly of this section - is to help organizations and individuals navigate their way around arts and culture funding in Europe and beyond; identifying specific funding opportunities; facilitating connections between funding bodies and cultural organizations, giving ideas to support the arts and encouraging international cooperation.

At one time or another, artists must focus their attention on administration and self-management. As a practitioner, I know how hard it is to turn from the delight of arts practice to the not-so-charming office world, but reality is that, to make a living out of art, you have to put your projects down to paper and make a financial attack plan. Applying for funding is a time consuming task though -as it happens with artist skills- the more you practice, the sooner you master it. So, what about turning that precious time to be more effective? I advice you to try some of the recommended guides to boost your writing skills in our Funding tips corner. Ten Key Issues for Fund Seekers or Sponsorship and Alternative Financing for Culture are other examples in this section that will help you identify which opportunities fit your project and which doors are best to knock to make it happen - and keep it real.

Side by side, this blog will be a useful space to bring light to specific grants-related issues, feature relevant news, recommend reports, tools that will enhance your fundraising skills and articles that will inspire you new ways to look for money –or to invest it in the arts!

I will also use this space to provide deeper insights into funding issues: what do funders want to promote today? which trends are cultural policies currently following? what strategies can funders follow to support a particular art manifestation? how can artists become more successful in their application stage? in different contexts, what is the social impact of art and culture funding? If any of these questions make you burn your toasts, I encourage you to participate, share your views and open discussions.
Wondering about a particular topic? Your comments are welcome. The point here is to get a bigger and closer picture of arts and culture funding in Europe.
Now, if you want to be up-to-date, get on the flow and keep connected!




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