Entrepreneurs are change-makers who think and act differently

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Author: Lidia Varbanova - Date: 19 Dec 2012, 21:37

This is my last 2012 message to all young and emerging entrepreneurs: a few sincere advices for a happy and joyful professional life. They are an extract of what I have learned and experienced throughout the years. Being an entrepreneur is about being different, thinking differently, being creative, initiatiing a change, and acting strategically:

1. Remember;: every single day influence your future. What you do now, creates the future which you really want to see. Tomorrow is created today. Your purpose, passion and motivation are important ingredients to your success.

2. Do not stop: always be "on the go". Life is a beautiful journey! Entrepreneurship is passion driven and you should never lose your passion and inspiration despite of the obstacles on the road.

3. Be self-disciplined, concentrated and focused. Hard work is a must. Luck is only a supplement to it. Have your work related to your hobby: this will be a way to never be exhausted and to love what you do

4. Do not be afraid of being disliked, rejected: for change-makers this is normal. Failures are important to excel. If you fail, just think about all these reasons why you didn't succeed and analyze them. And believe that next tiime you will succeed!

5. Do not be afraid to constantly create. This will make you happy and rewarded. Creativity could be in everyting and is not related only to the arts. Creativity at any work and projects leads to your uniqueness which is an important competitive advantage.

6. Initiate "open spaces" for yourself to think: `My mental laboratory`` kind of space: where everything is possible: all the crazy ideas. Even if nothing happens, do not be afraid, it will come with the time. Get out of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams!

7. Create your vision in a way to care for the people around you-this is the core of the real happiness. Be generous throughout your lifetime: the more you have, the more you should give away to others who are in need.

8. Inspire and help others. Motivate others. Energize them. Making the future with other people is what entrepreneurship is about . Remember the `3 coins` rule: One for you, one for me, and one for the community! Promote global citizenship-“Let’s make the world a better place” is not just a formula or a slogan. This is the only way to enjoy your journey together with others as life is not that happy when not shared.

9. Maximuze the impact of your projects and initiatives. Think about scalability, enlargement, involvement of many people. The multi-sectorial approach is as important as the `shared value`strategy is.

10. Entrepreneurship and good innovations are without borders. Build up your global friends, supporters, customers, stakeholders. They are the one to make you happy and successful as the success is in the process not only in the final result.

11. Stay optimistic. Believe and be positive. Nobody can take away from you 3 things: your belief, your knowledge, and your dreams. Do not be scared of the future: if you keep these three important things: all will be fine.

12. Have a vision: There is a saying that: "Vision without action is a daydream. Action without a vision is a nightmare!" Entrepreneurs are visionary makers because they predict the future and are step ahead of others by implementing innovations.

13. Life path is like climbing a mountain: the more go up, the more you see the whole picture, enjoy the view, but also: the more you pass through a lot of obstacles on the road ahead. Do not be afraid to change the path if needed. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Do not
forget the helicopter view . Consider the overall "ecosystem" - what is going on around you: analyze, evaluate and consider it.

14. Be professional in what you do. Do it better and better. Being a professional is a key: irrespectively of the field you work.

15. Strive to create something that does not exist-be change-makers! Be passionate to make a difference, to create. Be leaders of your time. Be a bit crazy-people who are crazy enough change the world!! Think different. Watch this video:

Come to our classes on Entrepreneurship at Concordia University: the drawings on this blog show how creative our students are: I strongly believe they will be the future change-makers!

Have a fantastic holiday and an inspiring, sparkling and healthy 2013!

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