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Recommendations on Culture Mobility

Blog: Dea Vidovic
Author: Dea Vidovic - Date: 13 Apr 2010, 08:35

Project PRACTICS started the year with an intensive collaborative process with the three pilot projects that were selected under the same strand: SPACE, Changing Room and e.Mobility

In January 2010 four projects met in Paris to put together a list of recommendations on cultural mobility in the EU based on the experiences they have gained during the first year of their projects.

These recommendations were addressed and presented to the Open Method of Coordination and the European Commission on 15 March 2010.

The four pilots wish to highlight the fact that the recommendations are based on informed observations rather than the final conclusions expected at the close of their projects, and that they welcome a continuing dialogue with all stakeholders, both private and public. The four pilots also fully support the recommendations adopted recently by the different Culture Platforms and underline the need for an on-going reinforced dialogue with all key stakeholders of the culture sector as regards any future EU policy initiatives in the field of culture mobility.

They stressed 6 recommendations:

  1. Ensure a coherent EU culture mobility policy framework
  2. Develop appropriate tools to better monitor and measure mobility
  3. Reduce regulatory and administrative obstacles to mobility
  4. Set up a coherent system ensuring transparent, accessible and high-quality information to mobile culture professionals
  5. Enhance the capacity building of the sector to support mobility
  6. Ensure coherent EU and national funding supporting mobility

Here you can find the Recommendations on Culture Mobility


More about 4 pilot projects:

Changing Room is looking for new ways of stimulating cross-border mobility of cultural operators.

e.Mobility is a project that improves the environment for mobility in the cultural sector and increases opportunities for mobility.

PRACTICS - See Mobile See Practical is a project that seeks to facilitate the provision of information and exchange of best practice and to support EU cross-border mobility in the cultural sector.

SPACE (Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe) is a platform that prioritises the mobility of arts productions and combines cultural mobility with cultural diversity, European citizenship and investing in emerging generations.




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