Christmas Magic in Freiburg (Satis Shroff)

I love to write poetry, articles and like writers around me who have the same thoughts. We have to learn to settle for small things, and be at peace with oneself and the world, cultivate a positive attitude despite the misery, poverty and wars in this world. I like people who pray to the Gods of Little Things, for in life you have to be at peace with your inner self and the outside world. I am happy

to breathe, enjoy the endless blue sky, the clouds and flowers(Nature) and people who give you a genuine, honest to goodness smile. You are talking and communicating, even if you just smile in a tram, in the subway, in a park or where ever. A lady teacher wrote in my autogram-book ‘Smile awhile, and when you smile, another smiles, then there are miles and miles of smiles. And life’s worthwhile, because you smile.'

I made an introverted, old German warrior from World War II smile with the passage of time, and now he even greets me. He does not greet others though. Too many negative memories from the last war, sleepless traumatic nights.

'I'm finished with this world,' he says.

I love writing poetry for the websites and articles too. Book projects, anthologies, videos, choir concerts, lectures, poetry readings. Did I leave out something?



Christmas Magic in Freiburg (Satis Shroff)


The historical Olde City

Was lit with subdued golden light.

In its narrow, cobbled lanes,

Visitors were out to share

The warmth and tenderness

Of pre-Christmas magic,

In this snow-clad town,

In the Black Forest.


The sweet smell of leckerlis

Permeates the cold air:

Cinnamon, sugar candies, cardamom,

Nougat, lebkuchen and cookies.

The vendors smile and say:

‘Try it, please.’




Glittering lights hang above

Like glowing curtains,

The old bulbs have been banished,

LED lights are to be seen,

In this Green City,

Evoking a sense of magic.


Artisans, craftsmen, artists,

Displaying their trades and wares,

In wood, wax, metal, ceramic, stone and paper.

Children wrapped in winter woollies,

Peering at the shiny, colourful, glittering

Toys, souvenirs and decorations,

With gleeful eyes.

Emitting oohs-and aahs

In French, German, English.


As you saunter unhurriedly along streets

Bearing names like:

Turmstrasse, Konvictstrasse,

Kaiser-Josephstrasse, Franziskanerstrasse,


 You come across

Beautiful young and elderly people,

Huddled and brought together,

Around tables sans chairs,

Sipping the aromatic Glühwein,

To keep off the German cold.


Children are allowed to bake

Their very own cookies,

You can even make colourful candles.

The bells of the St. Martin church chime.

You look up and see

The Rathaus,

Freiburg’s town council,

Gorgeously bathed in yellow light,

Reminiscent of a van Gogh painting.




Glühwein: sweet, spicy, hot red-wine

Rathaus: town council building




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