Chris Torch explains the Rainbow paper

Blog: Stockholm goddamn
Author: Oivvio Polite - Date: 13 Nov 2008, 21:05

Memory is a strange thing. I just googled Chris Torch and found out that he was one of the founders of a 70-ies progressive theater company named Jordcirkus (which translates as Earth cirkus).

That name, "Jordcirkus", that I probably haven't heard in 30 years unlocked a chain of associations: a children's theater play called "Prins hatt under jord", sitting on the floor down in Kägelbanan (a stage in the very same building as this conference), being a bit scared. Four years olds scare easily. Or was the play called "Hattstugan"? It can't have been. "Hattstugan" was written by Elsa Beskow and would probably have been consider reactionary by the people who ran Jordcirkus. But there was something in the Scenography that reminded of "Hattstugan", a giant hat maybe?

Anyway, that might have been the first time I saw Chris Torch. From my adult life I know Chris Torch as the founder and director of Intercult. Today I asked him to explain the Rainbow paper to me. Like I'm a four year old :)

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