Thomas Prestø of Tabanka crew.

Blog: Stockholm goddamn
Author: Oivvio Polite - Date: 12 Nov 2008, 19:34

You see that index finger? That's the J'accuse finger. An index finger like that always belongs to someone who is very serious about what they're saying. You can see that, right?

The guy on the left you already know about. The guy on the right is Thomas Prestø. He runs Tabanka crew, a Norwegian dancehall collective.

There's a lot to say about dancehall. Black british sociologist Denise Noble has said some of the best stuff. And I quote:

Although I have been proud of the display it has enabled of an often outrageously sexy, rude and unashamed enjoyment of Black female sexuality, I have also felt uneasy about how these might be translated into everyday preceptions of Black women outside the dance-hall, especially by those whose only engagement with it, or for that matter, us, comes from Top of the Pops or MTV.
From Ragga Music: Dis/Respecting Black Women and Dis/Reputable Sexualities

Thomas shares a troubling story of his own about how Afro Caribbean signs can be read when out of their original context.

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