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Hl. Eberhard von Biburg
Der Hl. Eberhard war der erste Abt von Biburg, Erzbischof von Salzburg und Sohn der …
Ludwig Angerer der Ältere | 20 apr 2014
First to bloom, Last to leave | Christian Kerrigan
Christian Kerrigan | First to bloom, Last to leave Invited to consider how a work …
Heloise O'Donoghue | 08 apr 2014
Lines, Levels, Layers | Kim Norton
Kim Norton | Lines, Levels, Layers Ceramicist Kim Norton exposes the raw materiality …
Heloise O'Donoghue | 08 apr 2014


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Staying Focused!
Life is what you make out of it. Every human being on earth has a purpose in which they …
Darlington Dofe Egwim | 21 apr 2014
words d'Allan Kaprow 2014 - 1962
"Words" environnement d'Allan Kaprow datant de 1962 est visible jusqu'au 4 mai à la fondation du doute à Blois. Il a été … corinne melin | 18 apr 2014


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Capacity Building for Cultural Organisations
This community group discusses strenghtening the capacities of civic, private and …
18 people | 20 mar 2008
European Diversity
59 people | 19 oct 2009
Photographing France
The aim of the group is to create a dynamic, pan-European network of photographers, …
55 people | 11 nov 2009
Twinning project
3 people | 12 oct 2009
Young Researchers Forum
Partner link This group facilitates young cultural policy researchers to meet …
172 people | 24 feb 2011
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