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Planning for Cultural Diversity
This booklet is about how countries can manage education in an increasingly diverse cultural environment and yet foster nation-building and integration. Publication | 10 aug 2009
Networking for Learning. What can participants do?
This paper draws upon experiences and materials collected within the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO) and literature readily … Publication | 31 aug 2009
Ashoka's Theory of Change
This document discusses the evolution of the citizen sector and the role of Ashoka: from its beginnings as an investor in the world's leading social … Publication | 06 oct 2009
Entrepreneurship in Philanthropy
This article answers the questions: What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in the field …
Publication | 06 oct 2009
Everyone a Changemaker: Social Entrepreneurship’s Ultimate Goal
A book that explores how to enable young people to become changemakers in the new …
Publication | 06 oct 2009
The Interaction Between Culture and Entrepreneurship
This presentation discusses how the interaction between culture and business can work. Is it possible to run a business and work with public goods and … Publication | 06 oct 2009
The Process of Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Opportunities Worthy of Serious Pursuit
This note provides a framework to guide social entrepreneurs through the process of creating a worthwhile opportunity. Publication | 06 oct 2009
The Economics of Arts, Artists, and Culture: Making a Better Case, by Prof. Ann Markusen
"This crisis presents many opportunities and fronts for change. It demands …
Publication | 09 nov 2009
Europe and Me: An educational tool for addressing the European Union in the classroom
An educational resource for young people and their teachers, it explores the ways in which some of the European policy areas (such as the environment, consumer … Publication | 21 dec 2009
Literature Reviews
This series of research monographs was commissioned to make the most of the cross-disciplinary workings of the organisation Creativity, Culture and Education … Publication | 19 jan 2010