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Copyright, Print and Authorship in the Culture Industry
The intention of the authors is to show that, despite 300 years of history, "the term copyright itself, used freely in debates surrounding contemporary … Publication | 07 apr 2009
Measuring Intrinsic Value – How to Stop Worrying and Love Economics
This paper seeks to transcend entrenched misunderstandings between economists and arts policy-makers, leaders and funders. These misunderstandings are most … Publication | 22 jun 2009
Culture: A Tool For Reversing Recession
This paper sets out ten arguments that Ministers of Culture can use during annual budgetary discussions with their ministerial colleagues to highlight the … Publication | 30 jun 2009
An Integrative Framework for Reporting in Social Entrepreneurship
This paper develops an integrative framework for reporting in social entrepreneurship by …
Publication | 06 oct 2009
Everyone a Changemaker: Social Entrepreneurship’s Ultimate Goal
A book that explores how to enable young people to become changemakers in the new …
Publication | 06 oct 2009
Social Enterprise in an Enlarged Europe: Concept and Realities
This publication examines the emergence of the new concept of social enterprise.
Publication | 06 oct 2009
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation: An Exploratory Study
This study provides a comparative analysis of seven cases of social entrepreneurship that have been widely recognised as successful. Publication | 06 oct 2009
Social Entrepreneurship: Pattern-Changing Entrepreneurs and the Scaling of Social Impact
This paper presents findings from an investigation of pattern-changing social entrepreneurs. Publication | 06 oct 2009
Social Entrepreneurship: Towards an Entrepreneurial Culture for Social and Economic Development
The paper discusses ways to foster entrepreneurship culture globally, and especially among young people. Publication | 06 oct 2009
The Meaning of "Social Entrepreneurship"
This paper discusses the meaning of social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs from …
Publication | 06 oct 2009